Another pretty basic Transition issue :( but hear me out

Okay, so I already looked at a few posts explaining how to avoid this glitch where when I’m transitioning out of a scene, it does the fade out thing, but shows the same scene before moving on. I’ve used ampersands for all commands above the transition but now I just feel like doing :cat_typing: Here’s the relevant part of my script:

@BOY is react_mortified

@BOY is reach_kneel_neutral

&zoom on 82 0 to 326% in 0

&BOY is react_scream_horror AND BOY spot 1.028 94 -152 in zone 1

#enters from right to screen center in zone 4 AND GIRL does it while run_fall AND GIRL faces left AND BOY enters from right to upscreen right in zone 4 AND BOY does it while jog_happy_loop AND BOY faces left

    NARR (DAD)
A closer inspection revealed a human skull underneath the dried foliage.

@transition shade up black 1

&speechbubble is 171 241 to 71% with tail_top_right
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV DESK shifts to 1 5 in zone 1
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV DESK scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV DESK moves to layer 5
&overlay 6629389419151360_NEWS shifts to 103 256 in zone 2
&overlay 6629389419151360_NEWS scales to 0.568 0.568
&overlay 6629389419151360_NEWS moves to layer 6
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV BREAKING NEWS shifts to 8 16 in zone 1
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV BREAKING NEWS scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV BREAKING NEWS moves to layer 0
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV PLAIN shifts to 3 1 in zone 1
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV PLAIN scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay 6629389419151360_LR TV PLAIN moves to layer 7

&IS moves to layer 8
&zoom on 594 405 to 165% in 0
&cut to zone 2

&DAD spot 0.560 237 335 in zone 2
&DAD moves to layer 3
&DAD faces left AND DAD is talk_neutral_atcamera_loop

@transition shade down 1

    DAD (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
While the children are now recovering from the incident, Westhinge PD has sent the remains to be tested for DNA.
Chief Villin has talked about a possible curfew...

I’d be grateful if anyone could tell me what’s the issue here… I’m sorry I know it’s pretty basic but I tried to find answers before making a new topic :disappointed:

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Maybe shade down?
Ugh I can undestand you that’s the reason why I just use @transition fade in/out black or @transition iris out :relaxed:

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I tried it but it’s the same :frowning: but thanks for the suggestion! I’ll go ahead with fades if this doesn’t work out :lol:

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I’m so sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

Wait until somebody else sees this and maybe they can help you! :blob_hearts: :blush:

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Yess thanks again :yay:

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Np :slight_smile:

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So you might want to use a different transition.

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Thanks so much! Also thank you for all the help you give to the community :blob_hearts:

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