Another rant on It Starts With A Bra

Okay. I know. You’ve seen these rants before, but I just have to do it. Recently, I decided to commit the ultimate sin, reading ISWAB, and just to let you know, I could barely finish the first chapter.
This disaster starts off with the line “bad boys.”


Then you can design your character, and before I roast this story, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw there was an option for a female love interest. That does not make it any less bad, though. The love interest (my playthrough was a male) in front of the window, STANDS NUDE! The reason why this is such an issue is that stories that feature subtle hints of nudity or sexual themes get the boot, but this one gets featured? It’t not fair. Even in episode guidelines, users are sworn not to use the word ‘sexy’ in the description. How funny because the story description has that.

Anyways, instead of calling the cops, or being super disgusted, the MC doesnt. I mean she can, but you have to PAY to do that. You have to pay to get justice. What a positive message. The entire story seems super shallow and justifies this straight up sexual harassment as ‘romantic’ or ‘he’s only doing this because he likes you’ or ‘he’ll end up liking you so his problematic behavior is irrelevant.’

You should see an issue.

This whole story seems like an exact example of what’s NOT allowed in a story, yet here it is. Featured. People are probably getting paid for this, even though this book is originally from wattpad.

Also, I must say portrayals of bad boys in novels all around are almost always off. A bad boy isnt always a jerk with a dark past, (and can I say, dark pasts do not in any way, shape, or form justify bullying or assault. It’s frankly irrelevant. These people shouldn’t be romanticized or desired. They should be held accountable) sometimes it’s just a boy with leather jackets, a motorcycle and other things. And even if a bad boy does have a dark past, why the jerk attitude? Why is getting treated like dirt so romanticized. You should be treated with respect. It’s not cute or romantic to be constantly berated and attacked and then expected to be lovey dovey with your attacker. Just because someone is ‘cute’ doesn’t mean their behavior should be overlooked. It’s shallow and problematic. …

Look, im not hating on anyone who liked the story. Do what you want. But you can’t tell me this story isn’t setting a double standard, and those who work day and night to produce an original story don’t get featured, but shallow, inappropriate stories like this do. If we want to set a good example, we have to call out things that will affect us. Comment below your thoughts (respectfully). And yes, I may be late on this, but it’s never too late for closure.


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