Another script error

So I’m tryna make my character walk but then for no reason,It just skips the part where she walks.What do I do?

line 316-line326

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Can someone pls reply?

I’m not 100% sure, but some things that might fix it are if the background is more than one panel, having Liz enter zone 2 and follow her, or cut to zone 2, instead of removing her and having her re- enter, or changing the zoom to before she re-enters, so it would be

&zoom on 320 359 to 154% in 0
@LIZ enters from left to screen left

And you shouldn’t need to put @remove after she exits, since exiting already takes a character out of a scene

Okay I got the walking part fix and stuff but how to I make her go infront of the layer.?
What do i write?

Joseph evans has loads of tutorials for ink/classic/limelight stories and he has helped me so much with his youtube videos!
Link to his youtube here:
Link to his website here:
Hope this helps! :blob_hearts:

You can write
@CHARACTER moves to layer xy

xy is a number in that case