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I’m awful :joy: :joy: I always have these great ideas for stories, write a decent portion of it, and then get another great idea :sob: The weakness of all writers EVER! But, here I am again pitching another story idea, this one is SUPER out of this world and not really a genre I do. ALIENS and time travel… Yes, a very weird combo, but I like the idea a lot!! So the story is about this girl named Dixie Serenity, who is sent to Earth to research by time-traveling! Unfortunately on one of the missions, she gets stuck in the 1950s and meets Michael, a complicated greaser. These are the characters so far: (Serenity is who she is on her planet, she goes by Dixie on Earth). The story is called Like Nothing On Earth! What do you think?





Sounds interesting!!

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Thank you!

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Sounds really interesting! I would totally read it.

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Thank youu!! :blush:

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