Another World Story recommandations

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Hey I would love it if you could check Out my story too!!
My story:-AW:Imprinted

Synopsis:- In a world were Vampires and Werewolves are in an eternal war, But they have a mutual enemy, The witches. What happens when a wolf imprint’s on one?

TItle: AW: Fortunato
Author: Baleigh
Quick Synopsis: Years after a fire destroyed most of earth Aella Hakimi is taken from her home town to live with the royal family as their prisoner for unknown reasons.

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Helloo! If you have the time, maybe you could check out mine. :see_no_evil:

Title: AW: OMEGA
Genre: Mystery/Comedy/Action
In a world where another blood type exists, one that gives its host the qualities of a super soldier, 20-year old Kat eagerly joins the program exclusive for her kind. When a gang in need of her help comes along, Kat and her best friend set out to unravel the mystery of their supposed utopian world ahead. Will they find the alleged flaw in the system? Or will Kat’s past catch up with her?



There’s the link! I’m really bad at this, sorry everyone :sweat_smile:.
And my bad cover just so we can all laugh at it together:

From the ones that ive read I recommened these ones :slight_smile:
AW : Dystopia , by jiyy
AW : Lost half , by Martini_98

Also Bio Hysteria and Everywhere in Between, but thos have been already suggested.

I’m so proud of my story and would love if you checked it out!

My Story :

Story Name : AW: Timeless

Author : bek

Genre : Drama

Status : 3 episodes out. More Episodes coming soon.

Style : Limelight

Description : In a world where humans don’t age past 25, how far will you go to obtain “perfection”?

Features: Advanced directing, choices matter, branching and point system, character customization


If you have time, I’d love it if you could check out mine too!

Title: AW: Powerful
Author: Lynn (LynnTheAngel On App)
Genre: Thriller/Action/Adventure
Description: Welcome to the Battle of Carnage! Where the rich and powerful force civilians to participate in a tortuous event every year. There’s only one problem: you’re in it.
(Limelight, Full CC, Choices matter, tappables, advanced directing)
Story Link:
Instagram: @angelic_lynn.episode

My story is called “AW: Lost Half”. It includes full CC, mini games and more! Hope you’ll give it a read. :see_no_evil::heart:

Ep: 1-3 (CC-Minigames- MC M/F)
If you want to check it out :blush:


Synopsis: Thousands of years ago, there were 8 kingdoms, ruled by 8 Kings.
Each king possessed 1 powerful stone. Then all of those died, except The King of Darkness.

Before the crisis happened, The Hunters clan was the one who ruled the country without a king and marked it as their territory. Then a Merchant came to take over by showing he had a powerful stone amongst all stones.

But his plan failed because there was a thief who then stole it from him.
Follow this tale of power, love and dark story to know the truth that lies behind the world.


Here is my AW contest entry if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

Title : AW: Marked
Genre : Adventure
Style : Limelight
Description : After the Climate Apocalypse, humans develop strange marks on their bodies. What does it mean, and can it be stopped?
CCs/Choices Matter/Points System
Link :
Cover :

If you have the time I’d appreciate the read :smile:
Title: AW: Once in a Light-Year
Author - KateRozy
IG - @episode_katerozy
Description: In 1947 a spaceship crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, since then things have never been the same.

Can you help Luna navigate her life, being in love with her alien best friend, and possibly needing to save the world?
Features - Point System, CC, chose you’re LI gender, multiple endings.

Title: AW: And The World Stood Still

Instagram: sfbelle89.episode

Plot: Half of the world is frozen in darkness, while the other half burns under a sun that never sets. One woman must survive both in her search for a paradise that may not even exist.

Story Link:

I’d like to put in my own story here!

AW: The Colors Of A Rainbow

You live in a world where everyone only sees the color their eyes are. You have grey eyes, which means you can see every color of the rainbow.
When mysterious deaths start occurring, you realize that you’re the one of the few who know what’s happening. What will you do?
LGBT+ |CC| Choices matter


My story for the contest. Pls check it out and let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Author: TamiRose
Title: AW: Realm of Dreams
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Chapters: 3
Description: What if, our dreams were invaded? What if, our dreams were used to control us? Join Imel and her two best friends as they share an adventure to find out, who’s invading our dreams

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I highly recommend these stories by these talented authors:

AW: The Daffodil by @HappyDaisy
AW: Lost in Time by @Abbey98
AW: Everything In Between by @episodecece
AW: The Perfection by
AW: Disorder by @Mia_Sofia
AW: Bio-Hysteria by @Zey
AW: The stars have colors by @shaharPie
AW: Listen to the Music by @Odilia


Thanks so much for recommending my story :gift_heart: and yes I’ve read Disorder and Bio-Hysteria, those stories are amazing!

Heyyy! Check out my story if you have the time :brown_heart:

Title: AW: Sixth Sense
Genre: Mystery/Adventure/Drama
Description: Around the same time each year, thousands of people disappear. Where do they go? Drama, Mystery, and Magic await! [C.C, Choices Matter, L.L]


Cover: Sixth_Sense_uG_posterThumb_sbSjInzEaZ

@TamiRose @episodecece thank you guys for recommending the story :sob::sob::sob::sob::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

For anyone else reading this too:

Be sure to check their stories too!

AW: Realm of Dreams by TamiRose


AW: Everything in Between by episodecece

They’re both in my favourites, so I strongly recommend them !!!:wink: Give them a shot you won’t regret it :grin:

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