Answer my poll pls! (a few questions abt preferences for my LDR story :))

Hey guys ! :guide_dog:

sorry lmao i literally just picked a random emoji haha^^

buttt as i say, ‘N E WAYSSSSSSS’ i just wanted you guys to answer a few questions for me. This questions are abt your preferences when it comes to reading stories!
This is so i can make my LDR entry as good as i possibly can :))

How many chapters do you like a story to be?
  • 10 or less
  • 10-15
  • 20-30
  • 30-40
  • 40+
  • Depends

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Do you need CC in a story? Do you prefer it? (CC= Character Customization)
  • I don’t need CC in a story
  • I do need CC in a story
  • I prefer CC, it would lean me more towards reading the story
  • I don’t prefer CC, it would lean me more away from the story

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Timed choices?
  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Doesn’t really matter
  • I would like it, since it makes the story more fun :))

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ACTUAL Consequences for your actions? (your choices actually effect the story and are relevant)
  • YES!! This would be a lot more fun
  • NO!! I don’t wanna be that pressured, why would uu do that to us :((
  • I could go either way tbh :woman_shrugging:

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tysm!! i really want feedback on this ! :))

- LDR story description (if uu are interested ;))

Your a host for a virtual dating show - Love Struck. Thats what you become once you have a spark with one of the contestants - Laki Ioane. Will you stick to strictly business? Or will you let your heart led the way… to him.

Would you read my LDR story?
  • Yes! Sounds intriguing!
  • ehh, not really my type, but sounds good!
  • i might depending on how i like the 1st chapter :woman_shrugging:
  • no, i don’t think i would :))

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bumppp !

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