Answer with a Song Title!


Good time - owl city
What is your favorite movie?


Black Panther - Kendrick Lamar
What’s your favourite thing about today’s society?


We don’t believe what’s on tv - twenty one pilots
How are right now?


Honey, I’m Good - Andy Grammer
How do you feel about President Trump? (screw him!!)


You need to add a question :slight_smile:


srry, just fixed it!


Americain Idiot - Green Day
How did you feel about xxxtentcions death? (if you don’t know who he is heres another question: Whats your favorite hobby?)


Dancing in the dark - Imagine Dragons

How do you feel about your crush/best friend? (Whichever you have or want to answer about haha)


“Friends Will be Friends” – Queen
Whats the thing you love most about you bestfriend/crush


Confident ~ Demi Lovato

What to do when you’re in a crisis?


Start Over - Imagine Dragons

What would make things better between you and your crush/best friend? (Whichever you have or want to answer for?)


one kiss - dua lipa

How do you get away with murder?


love yourself (Justin Bieber)

what are you doing tonight?


eat, sleep, rave, repeat - Fatboy Slim

Where do you plan on living in the future?


New York (Alicia keys and jay z)

Whats your vacation destination?


Paradise (Colplay)

What’s your favourite day of the week?


Friday (Rebecca black)

how do you like your steak cooked?


Rare - Waterparks (even though i prefer well done :joy:)

What you doing tonight?


Something just like this - coldplay

What’s the most important thing in life for you?


water (ugly god)

what animal is your favorite