Answer with a Song Title!


water - ugly god

whats your favorite time of day?


Lunch Hour (Rupert Holmes)

What do you do in your free time?


Sing (my chemical romance)

What would you do if your favourite celebrity tweeted you back?


Faint - Linkin park
What’s your guilty pleasure?


Music - Madonna

How are you feeling today?


I’m not okay (I promise) My chemical romance

What is a good era?


You will never know-IMANY
How you doin’?


Fine, great - Modern Baseball
What do you call your friends?


Real Friends - Camila Cabello
Where did you go?


Havana - Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug
What is your favorite hobby?


Drinkin’ beer on a Sunday (:sweat_smile:) - Bowling for Soup
What do you think about the government in your country?


Bullshit - Rise Against

What you doing this weekend?


Mama, I’m coming home - Ozzy Osbourne

What kind of guy/girl are you looking for?


Punkrocker - Antidote :metal:

Why are you playing this game? :grin:


Killing time - Hed PE

How’s your life going on at the moment?


Good Times - All Time Low

What do you do when your feeling down/sad?


Shut up and smile :grinning: Bowling for Soup
How would you describe yourself?


Ready For Whatever - Mýa
Have you ever made such a huge mistake you lost a dear friend?


Oh no - Bring Me The Horizon

Have you ever done anything to hurt anyone?


NO - Meghan Trainor

What’s your biggest fear?