Answer With An Episode Story Title

Similar to Answer with a Song Title!
but you answer with an episode story title - featured or user story

I will start
Where do you play episode?



… pretty sure it’s a story!!!

What is your fave food?

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Chicken Fish by Tori

What is your dream job?

If you could have twins chasing after you, who would they be?

Weird question I know, but I’m weird! :joy:

The reaper twins :joy:
How many seconds can you hold your breath?


What is your dream job?

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What’s your dream vacation

Trapped: The Island

I always lived the idea od a deserted island idk why doe… :confused:

What’s your fave episode story? (easy as sheet)

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I despise you
What are you scared of?

Gone by @Episode.Cameronwrite
What would you like to do in the future?

I married a millionaire
What’s your hobby?

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Loving Latino

How is your day

Fav colour?

Blue (Wolf)
Favourite Season?

Spring break: beach waves
What’s the one place you want to visit?

New York Here I Come
Favourite day?

That was a hard one
Today, Tomorrow and yesterday
Biggest pet peeve?

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Two Faced

What would you do if your crush asked you out?

Love & dance

What would you do if you failed a test?

Screams of the past

How do you spend your day