Answer With An Episode Story Title

Living a dream
What you biggest dream you want to achieve?

Dream Job: Firefighting Love

Worst moment in your life

Living with the vampire brothers
Best moment of your life ( I’m really out of ideas now)

Fading Away :sob:

What do you tell the person you like when you see them with your best friend?

I’m having jealousy in high heels

So the best moment of your life is fading away :joy: lol

What is that one thing you really want to try?

I know this is a really weird question :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Finding True Love My first ever written story (GOD THAT WAS RUBBISH)

Favourite flavour ice cream

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Chocolate pies r bae (yeah that’s a real story)
What type of music do you like?

Atleast you wrote one, I can’t even find a good plot to write about

(Un) Popular

Your future looks like

Back and forth
What’s the one thing you are afraid of?

Living With My Crush

You receive a letter what is it about

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And the winner is…
What is the best thing about episode?

I like a lot of things… It can be back and forth sometimes

How is your day going?

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…You didn’t ask a question…

Sorry… I edited it in

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Total Chaos
How would you describe your personality ?

Lone Wolf
What’s your favourite food?

Pizza is awesome sauce

What’s your favourite job?

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Dream Job: Firefighting love

What makes you cringe every time?

Dirty sexy teenagers: SPOOKY STORIES

What’s your favourite language?

Loving Latino
Favourite makeup product?