Answer With An Episode Story Title

The nerd makeover

What’s your favourite videogame?


What do you say to the person you just sent an embarrassing text to? :man_shrugging:

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The last Goodbye

What do you say when your mum make you feel angry?

My Mistake Is my Gift
Your Thoughts towards school are…?


What is your favourite dish?

You ment dish right??

Pizza Party
What’s the Weirdest thing you ever saw ?

The pizza touch

What’s your favourite animal?

Dogs (yep that’s a story)
What do you hate in a story?

The Bad Boy

Do you like pizza?

It’s Obvious (I think that’s a story)

How would you describe yourself?


What are you like in the mornings

Just a mess

What do you like to do?

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Fading Away

What do you say when people accuse you of something you ACTUALLY did


What would you do if you lived in a Paradise?

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Fake love :joy:
What are you?

Blockquote I know you’re a human but I mean What would you be like to be?

Unfaithful by B.B
Who’s your crush?

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Cameron Dallas (Started with a lie)

Your fav. Bad boy character is of which story?

Chasing Fire

What are your goals?

Pursuit of Happiness

What’s the status of you and your crush?

Friends with Benefits

What is the status of you and your boss?