ANSWERED: How do Episodians like their stories?

Whut! How is comedy so low? Is rom-rom under romance or comedy?

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lol expect the unexpected, plus some aren’t really good at making/cracking jokes but a phew might be.

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:cat_shocked: Love the work and effort put into this. The graphics and tables really help to demonstrate the opinions and thoughts of the community in a different way that numbers sometimes can’t show alone. :cat_typing:


You could choose all if you wanted… I don’t think people got that :sweat_smile: I did say genre(s) though

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:flushed: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Rn I’m not sure but I think I tried to select a second one and it switch my choice instead of adding a second one…

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Thanks for doing this and tagging me! This is really helpful



PS. I’m working on a comedy story T^T but also a romance-

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I’m really sad about comedy being so low.

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Me too, I really enjoy comedy

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No you could, just by looking at the amount of people who answered each category and the amount of people who answered the question it doesn’t add up. The percentages either (basically you could choose many)

It’s highly probable as the numbers don’t add up. :blush:

do you think you’d do another survey? :heart:

Probably not, it depends.

Can this be updated?

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Of course, such a good idea!