💭 Anti-Clićhe It!



Greetings! A very warm welcome to the Anti-Clićhe It game…

This game is inspired from the game The Cliche Machine, if you wanna know.


  • Create a title of a story which is anti-cliche according to you.
  • The next user shall type out the description of the story (in 180-360 words ONLY) as it shall deem fit.
  • As the title of this game suggests, the description should be ANTI-CLIĆHE. It should be something diverse, something interesting, something new…something awesome! It shouldn’t be something usual, but unusual!

~ Hope you enjoy ~

Title: The Changing Days


The Changing Days
The Sun always rises from the East and settles in the West. At least that’s what it was until extraterrestrial abominative forces start to ravage the Good on planet Earth. Would you push against your limits and fight them…or succumb to them, letting them finish off all the goodness and Change The Days?

Next Title: Marvelous



As an employee in marvel factory, her life is just ordinary. Everyday, she wakes up, eats breakfast, goes to work, goes to shops, goes home and watches movie before sleep. That’s Ella’s routine. With depression slowly capturing her, can Jacob help her embrace her wonder?

A bit dumpy but :sweat_smile:

Next title: The Dreamer


The Dreamer
When you can’t get out your head and all you can do is dream, a mysterious person ends up in your dream. Can he help you escape the coma? Or will you forever be The Dreamer?

Next: End Of The Rainbow


End Of The Rainbow

There’s always been this myth – you would find a potful of golden coins and a world of unicorns at The End Of The Rainbow. Will little Lilith Bloom, along with her best friend Gary Dooley prove this myth wrong?

Next Title: Eye-Gouging Ball Point Pen


Eye Gouging Ball Point Pen
The famous ball point pen factory never thought things would turn out like this, it was just supposed to be a pen with a face! Now it’s eating peoples eyes, is anyone safe?

Next Title: No Moon At All


No moon at all
You always wanted to see how is it like to just see the ring of Saturn on Earth. That is until, you can finally see due to an alien in exchange of the Earths moon. Moon or Ring?

Next Title: When the sun dies


When The Sun Dies
After the thriller turmoil in the lands, the new chief of the Sun Tribe, Drisana (Daughter of the Sun) has to become their Light. But hope’s lost when the sun dies in the Outside world. Should she share her light thus sacrificing her own or stay to save her people while condemning the rest to hell?

Next Title: Let the Rain Cry


Let the Rain Cry

Amelia has always been a closed introvert, and no one knew the pain that cause her insecurence. She’s cried, she’s screamed, she’s sobbed. But one day, she gathers all the confidence left in her and her inner power awakens. But can it be stopped until it’s too late? Or will the pain be shared with whole world?

Super messy. I know.

Next title: Unfortunately the Best


Unfortunately The Best

Harold Shelton is the nerd guy of the school. He is super-skinny, has an acne covered face, a straight-A student, is at the bottom of the High School Popularity List…you get the idea. He is being blackmailed by someone unknown. He has been told to keep it quiet and be an epic fail in all of the Football Team selections. But, things take a drastic turn when he comes out to be Unfortunately The Best.

Next Title: I Spy With My Little Eye


I Spy With My Little Eye

Alexis was told not to look through the peephole if the doorbell was rang; but she did it anyway. Alexis saw something that shocked her into silence. What happens when she looks through a peephole again?

Next Title: The Haunting On Elshewire




The Haunting On Elshewire

They always said Elshewire mansion was haunted. The new owner Miley may believe in ghosts, but the dead won’t stop her from making her dreamhouse. But as she wakes up to claw marks on her door and missing food, Miley thinks there may be something other than a ghost in her house.

Next Title: Concentrate



They took her from her family and put her in a concentration camp. “She was one of ‘those’”, they said, scorning upon her like a creature made of sin. To escape this hellhole, she must do what she’s best at: concentrate.

Next Title: Utopia


You were the one that used to be perfect, “it” girl, full of beauty and not only that a straight A student. But then comes in that one mistake that could change your life for the worst. The doctors said you had trouble regarding your brain due to that mistake and while every fight with your parents and everything going on, you do what you could do best, imagine utopia.

Next: Josephine Diaz


Ohhhhh I get it now. Sorry



Don’t touch her, don’t talk to her, don’t listen to her and most importantly…
NEVER LOOK AT THOSE… deep black eyes.What happens when a group of kids going through the forest break the rules of spiritual relm by making a portal through both relms?
Well…you guessed it chaos and…
JOSEPHINE DIAZ:smiling_imp:

Next: The Silver Twins


The Silver twins…

After a scientific experiment goes wrong, a town of secrets is challenged… when the daughter’s Mayor gives birth to two silver twins.