Antisemitic behavior towards Ora and toxicity in the community in general

It’s not even about that, it doesn’t matter what she did! Even if she made racist jokes on purpose to hurt people and never listened to anyone or fixed anything, saying such things is absolutely unacceptable! It’s a never-healing wound for Jewish people and some of them are even triggered by such things. This is antisemitism at its ”finest” and doesn’t deserve a place In the community.


My grandmother’s mother was Jewish and so on, I can’t even imagine the horrible things she and many others had to go through and still has. No matter what Ora or anyone else did, it’s not okay for you to say something like this to someone, it’s disgusting and it shouldn’t be used as a joke, so many innocent people died and suffered. I don’t even know what to say.


Yes, but I’ve seen threads where people lash out comments to Ora because of Loco Amor, and just wanted to explain it to them that it wasn’t ok, even if she did write it in the first place.

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I read one of those threads (the first one I believe) and people were saying that they had tried talking to her directly but she never took them seriously. Also, that thread wasn’t against Ora, it was against the problematic topics that she included in LA. People then took it too far, because rage makes you blind ig.

I personally don’t support Ora. I don’t like her stories or her themes. But I agree that fighting fire with fire won’t solve anything. It wasn’t okay when people argued that Ora’s a bad person in those threads back then and it isn’t okay to send her hate messages or threats now.

For anyone reading, regardless of what she did - or does, I don’t know at this point - Ora is still a person and a person needs to be treated like one. Hate fuels hate and as a community the only way to stop others from hurting you is for you to stop hurting them first. I know it’s hard and it takes a great deal of self control, but we need to understand it has to be done.

Also, side note, but out of all the hateful things this person could’ve chosen to send her they just HAD TO choose antisemitism… wow.


The thing is… I dont think its a self control thing. What that person said was meant to mentally hurt someone. I cant possiblly think its a self control issue

I was speaking more in general, perhaps I was referring to the stuff I read in those threads without thinking. I am aware antisemitism is never a matter of self control.

People haven’t said very nice things about her due to them feeling offended by a lot of the themes and “jokes” she included. Sometimes, when you’re mad at someone who’s offended you, you almost can’t help but hurt them back. That’s what I was referring to.

Antisemitism is a whole other concept though, and I didn’t mean to cover that, also due to the fact that I’m not Jewish myself.


This is not ok…

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