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welcome to antra

Hey there I decided to open a pose and cover photoshop and it’s not formal, I just opened it because I was getting board. I am not experienced but I do it only for time pass. Things which I can do are custome poses, splashes, covers. But sorry I can not do the art stuff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Here are a few things I would like to share



Here are a few examples of mine, sorry rest were deleted by accident


  • Please be patient as it takes time for making something
  • Do not abuse anyone as it would result into a fight and respect each other’s thoughts
  • You must use the password: Unicorn :unicorn:( To know that you have readed the rules or not)
  • Do not use the examples
  • We have right to decline if we can’t do it
  • You must fill the form
  • Do not be rude to artist they are trying there best
  • We will not accept if you don’t metion the password
Custom pose

Description of the pose
character details
Character outfit.


What you are requesting
Text (font, colour, etc)
Character details ( avatar and clothes)


Large or small
Character details
Character Pose

waiting list

Waiting list

Heyy. :slight_smile::slight_smile: Love your examples. Dk if you can do this or not but…

Pw: Unicorn :unicorn:

It’s 3 characters…
And it’s George in the middle in idle_happy_pose I think it’s called that :joy:

And Siobhan on the left in laugh_chuckle_pose but can she hold uo the peace sign

And Katie on the right in laugh_giggle_pose with the peace sign.

Lile this:





George’s outfit

Siobhans outfit

Katies outfit

Thank you for your time :sparkling_heart:

request accepted
I will try my best

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I may take some time :grin:


Yo its fine. Thank you xx

um, i want u to make me a cover. One thing,
How do you blur out a word?
I will fill the form once ik. I rlly want u do to make me one!!!

request completed

Click me

Hope you like it if not, tell me something it requires to be changed :blush:

Aww thanks :slight_smile: This is gonna probs bother you and i should of made it more cleae but by peace sign i ment “:v:“ and I also want the character on the right to do that to. I’m really sorry. This ones amazing tho. So if you can’t change it it’s fine :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:

just tap in the settings icon and then tap blur spoiler then write into it

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do you wan’t it to be like a banner or what?

What do you mean by that? I was gonna use it for a wallpaper. But I kinda want it to look like this


But it’s okay! The one you did it lovely even if you can’t to this one :grin:

I am sorry but I can’t do it because I deleted the pictures :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, my fault if you want anything one’s again you are welcome. :blush:

If you are having trouble leave it as you can just fill the form,

Large or small: Large
Title: Addicted to you
Character details:
Girl: Female Athletic Body, skin - neutral 03, Round Thin High, Long Curls color - black dark, Monolid Slender color - brown black, Heart Soft, Round Button Upturned, Full Heart Pouty color - peach gloss

Guy: Male Athletic Body, skin - copper 03, Round Soft color - deep brown, Medium Side Curls color - medium brown, Male Deep Sunken color - brown dark, Square Sculpted, Hooked Grecian, Full Heart Natural color - beige light gold matte

Character Pose: Girl is hands around guys neck, hugging him.
Guy has hands on girls hips

It’s really nice I’ll just use the one you made first. :smiley:

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Do you have insta so i can credit

well I have but you can just credit by my name because I haven’t posted anything yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Who do you want to be closer to the camera the girl or the boy

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the girl.
she can be angled a little were she is facing the camera, but has her body on the guy, if that makes sense lol

and can you please give me a example if not then I will try and please show the photo of the background

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