Any advice for newbie

Do any of you guys have any tip on how to write a story on episode. I’m kinda new here.


If you have anything you need help with in particular feel free to dm me :grin:

Plan everything! Read books and watch movies for inspiration!
If you think if something but you think it’s weird still write it down.

i dont plan anything i just go with the flow and script

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Plan as much as you can. And the rest is imagination. Make sure your directing is flawless. By reading it a bunch of times. Listen to music and eat food while you write. It helps me a lot. Plan out by saying “I will write 200 lines today.”, Which helps me. Feel free to ask for advice on the forums. Don’t overthink it. Last and final one. Write what you love no matter what.

My Story, If you are looking for inspiration

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I usually start in the mobile app then move to writing and coding after I know what I’m doing but if you don’t Want to do that then asking for a writing partner or/and a coder is fine never hurts to ask for help

And even if you think the directing is bad its OK like mine I d really like it and it has its “moments” but I still published it and I asked people to read it they gave me good fees back and right now I got 20 reads. My story is called To Fix The Broken if you want a good bad attempt its only two episodes long but I’m working on others

Personally, i go on google docs create a document and do a character list (so i know how many ill have to create) then chapters and a quick summary or bulletin points of what’s going to happen. So by the time im ready to write it on my portal, i have it all figured out. AND also if i decide to have a co-writer i can eaisly share the doc with them


You will want to plan first because if you go with the flow you’ll end up with an unknown plot or be stuck on a specific part. Also don’t think that the directing of a story is important yeah it’s cool etc. but the plot matters more.

Oh okay thank you :+1:

OKay thank you :grin:

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OKay I will for sure do and thank you.

Okay thank you :smile:

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Okay thank you :grin:

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NP happy to help :grin:

I’m also a newbob, but before I started to write my story, I had an idea in mind. Then I started to work out a sketch for the whole story (I still have some holes, but the more I write the more new ideas I get to fill them up). And when I had the plot in general, I started to add details for a few chapters. Then I went to portal, created the main characters and started to write the first chapter. Meanwhile I added supporting characters and I started to slightly deviate from my original plot idea. :,D I’m gonna keep only the main conflict, I guess.
As for the dialogues/monologues, sometimes I write an exact script for a scene, but other times I just improvise and go with the flow.
When I’m done with a scene, I always check the progress in the app, since the web preview doesn’t always show the same as you see in the app. And I also fix up the script, animations, etc.
And when I’m done with a chapter, I ask a few friends to test it and do some proofreading for me.
Oh, and I also gain some new directing skills every day while I read guides and forum topics. :smiley:

oh okay thank you I think I’m do something slimier like that.