Any advice for rollercoasters?

Hello fellow Episodians!! I’m going on huuuuuuge rollercoasters tomorrow and I’m freaking scared. I watched videos on them ( first person POV ) and I started shaking. Do any of you brave fellows have any tips on getting over your fears?

I have major anxiety and a fear of heights. So… that’s fun?

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I used to have major roller coaster anxiety. I cried before I went on a kiddie ride. But one time, I was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and a man that worked at the Yeti told me that you have to try everything at life once, “you’ll never know unless you try.” He said. “God put you here for a reason” and now, I can ride (and did) ride a coaster 75 feet high with many loops. So don’t worry, God put you there for a reason.:smile:

Awwwwww thanks!! I read somewhere that you’re safer on a rollercoaster than you are at home which freaked me out​:joy::joy: It was 3 am and I was half asleep.

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i went to hershey park for a school trip and i went on this ride and i was scared as hell but in the end i was fine and wanted to ride again :slight_smile:

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I have always been scared of heights.

But I have been paragliding and ziplining so I realized it’s not that bad (in my opinion!).

Roller coasters is the best way to get over your fear of heights.

I loooooveee roller coasters! Especially the ones with loops and corkscrews that go super high!

My fav amusement parks:

  • Six Flags (California)
  • Great America (California)
  • Parc Astérix (France)

Here are some VR vids of my fav rollercoasters

Anyways, my best advice is to close your eyes! :thinking:

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In the end, I went on the rollercoaster that scared the sh*t out of me. Thanks for all your advice!!

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