Any advice for writer's block?

So… I’ve been experiencing writer’s block and it sucks. I’ve tried everything. I’ve taken a 2 month break from writing thinking I would get ideas but I’m just… stuck. Can anyone give me some advice?

Writer’s block is the worst…

I usually ask someone for help or (and this might sound weird but it works I promise :joy:) grab a piece of paper and a pencil/pen and write down a bunch of crazy ideas (no order just all over the place and don’t think too much about it) and either eventually a good idea pops into your head and you write it down OR you just read over all the crazy ideas and they naturally fall together into something good.


That sounds like it would really help! Thank you sooo much for the idea! :kissing_heart:

No problem, I know how much of a pain writers block can be :joy:.

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Hiya! I have a whole blog post on Writer’s Block if you want to check it out!

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I agree. I think you should eat something you really like to eat. but you haven’t ate in awhile. That always inspires me in a way. Also, maybe spend some time brainstorming while you listen to music, and when you write make sure you remember no pressure.


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