Any advice on how to hook people into your story

Anyone know how to hook people into your story ,i’m making one but I’m not sure if it hooks people to continue reading, well anyways if you could help please do

Alright, the easiest way to know, how to do that, is to figure out your own taste. Go through stories and think, what you like in them, what hooks you up and what makes you to want going on with it. For example - I like stories with lots of zooming and spot directing, that way I know that author put effort in making it. One of the most important part is narrator. I really love when author is explaining character’s feelings and thoughts deeply. Of course - drama. It’s important to end chapter with something unfinished. I keep reading story to find answers for questions I had finishing previous chapter. As soon as there is some banal stuff that annoys me - higschool drama with mean girls, nerd falls for pretiest boy in school, gang stories, dry plot, bad directing, spelling (I use Grammarly to correct them, cuz my native language is not english) and stories full of banal things - I don’t read it. Putting a meaning into the story is really important. And I don’t write stories with something I dislike. so it depends on you and how hard you are working on the story.

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Add them at the end of your story to leave readers wondering what will happen next.
Also you want the episode to be around 10-15 mins in length-play it to see how long it is.
And write in the genre that appeals to you; you’ll have a lot more fun if you’re writing for a category that you enjoy.
Good luck!

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If you put effort into your story and develop it well (to give the story depth) then more people will get hooked and like the story.

Write chapters often so people don’t forget it’s there.

There are some stories I read where the author is constituent and I love the story, and then they stop for 2 months and I forget all about it and then when they next update it, I’ve forgotten what the last chapter was so I forget what the story is about and frankly, I don’t care about it anymore :joy:

So always update when you can