Any Advice on Women's Business Fashion?

Hi there! So, I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this.

Basically, the main character in my story is a lawyer, and I feel like a lot of the “business” looking clothes either look the same, or really aren’t that cute. Any tips? I want to be as realistic as possible, but obviously I’m down for bending a little bit haha.


honestly it’s a lot of cute pants you can wear with a button shirt? or add sweaters to your skirts i can try and make some outfits and show you?

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If your MC happens to be female, there are actually a lot of things you can add to make sure your outfits have their own unique look. I think that’s a lot harder for the males as you can basically only choose a suit or something very similar.


Remember you can use a lot of different clothing items. You can go classic with a blouse, optional blazer and skirt/pants, which in itself offer a great variety already, but there’s also the option to use dresses or even jumpsuits. If the last two don’t look suitable enough on their own, usually it’s fairly easy to top them up with a well-fitted blazer. You should stick to dresses with a narrow skirt-part though, the more flowy ones tend to look not much like they’d be worn in an office. And keep in mind to not just search for ‘blazer’ in the portal, just use the filters to take a look at all the jackets and pick the ones you think would go well with your outfits - sometimes, things looking like a blazer or such are just plain called ‘jacket’ and it would be a shame if you missed them because of that. A good example for this would be the ‘Velvet Rolled Sleeve Jacket’ or the ‘Casual Linen Jacket T Shirt Linen Grey Warm’ which both go very well with a range of combos.


Another thing that makes outfits less flattering and thus rather bland are both the size of the clothes you choose and the layouts. Especially in business attire, it’s important to make sure the clothes you choose are not too baggy - or that baggy clothes you choose are combined with a tight other piece of clothing (e.g. a rather baggy pair of pants with a tight shirt, or a loose top with a tight skirt). Example: The ‘Blazer Diamond Trim Bustier Polyester Complex Color…’ can look good in vibrant colours and the right combination, but it still takes away a lot of the general shape you’d have if you chose a top that compliments the character’s waist.


Don’t get stuck on the idea that you need to have a collared shirt to make your outfit look professional. You can really choose a lot of different things, pair them up with high-waisted business slacks and the outfit is done. What usually works really well is to just replace the collared shirt with a turtleneck one, they often have the same effect and you can put in some variety along the way (especially because they bring in another load of colouring options). Or even if you choose to use a blouse, aim for those which have a little more going on. An example for a more interesting blouse woud be the ‘See Through Open Tied Half Sleeve Shirt Cotton’ to add a bit of spice, you can always cover up too much skin with basic inner shirts - this goes for other tops you wouldn’t want to use because they’re too revealing, as well.

Colour & Pattern

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and colours. As long as it looks classy, you’re usually good to go. There’s nothing that makes business outfits as bland and just plain unfashionable as a pale shade of blackish-grey when the piece of clothing doesn’t have a nice pattern to go with it. If you had to choose between two colouring options, one consisting of a black blazer with a white blouse, the other one of a black blazer with an apricot blouse, better aim for the apricot one to make your outfit more interesting.


Which brings me to the last piece of advice: Add jewellery. This goes for any kind of outfit, but especially for business attire it keeps the whole thing from looking too alike and boring. Furthermore, make sure to keep in mind there are clothing options already providing integrated highlights. For example, the ‘Blazer Button Up Blouse Cotton Beige Pink’ already adds a bunch of bracelets and a necklace which might be a little too much for reality, but for episode, it just adds a little something to the overall outfit.

Phew, I guess that’s it for now :grin:
I hope I could help!

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omg thank you so much!! this is very helpful <3

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