ANY advice on writing, directing, overlays etc)

Hi, would anyone like to share ANY advice on making episode stories? I do have a little experience but I love to learn new things in this community and I’m really wanting to hear what other community members know and have to say:)

here’s some things i wish i would’ve known when i first started :)))

  1. if you’re confused ask for help!! there are so many wonderful people in the forums who are so kind and willing to help new writers.
  2. youtube also has a ton of videos on coding that are so helpful. (Joseph Evans is my personal fav :relaxed:)
  3. make sure you pick a story that you’re interested in to write about!! writing about a topic and not enjoying it isn’t the purpose of coding and writing episode stories
  4. if you need a break, take one!! you’re human and you get tired. i’d you don’t have the motivation to code then don’t :woman_shrugging:t3::joy:
    honestly over all just make sure you’re having fun with it and find something to write about that you really love :))
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Thank you so much!! Definitely is helpful to me:)

Like @mer.stories said take breaks when you’re confused on how to continue your story or have writers block. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there are amazing people here on forums who are happy to help with whatever you need help with.

If you’re having trouble how to code Joseph Evans has great detailed tutorials on YouTube to help you pick up the basics or even advanced coding (if you’re up for the challenge). As well as Mary D Sava and Episode Notes.

If you’re ever up to rotate overlays at one point in your story, here’s a chart that helped me to learn

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One thing i dont see mentioned very often is to plan your story, at least the basic outline and major plot points.
Personally I have 2 documents, one with my basic plan, and one where i plan and sometimes script each episode.
I tend to script more emotional scenes, or complicated ones and then when im happy i can copy and paste it into my script
It helps to ensure theres no plot holes, and everything makes sense to not only the reader, but you as well, especially if you have a complex plot.


yes!! i totally recommend this as well! it’s a very little step but can help you stay organized!

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