Any amazing artists out there that can do realistic character drawings?



For so long I’ve been looking for an artist that can draw realistic character drawings for my stories, but could never find one. Is there anyone in this lovely community that wants to get there art talents out there that would be willing to volunteer to do some for me? Like always, I give credit and are always greatful! :smile::heart:


yeah I would love to!


@granolias @GirlLykAnn


I can help


Here’s an example of my art

I’m sure I can try to draw them for you, let me know if you’re interested


@RougePrincess21 can we help?


@ushio can shes amazing



Yes! Any help will be appreciated! @GirlLykAnn those look amazing! @linalilly10 those drawings by @ushio look amazing too!


I guess Ushio can make it, I don’t want to spend time on a cover you’re not going to use :woman_shrugging:t4::joy:


@GirlLykAnn please don’t be mad at me, I don’t want to disappoint anyone! It’s very hard to choose.


Ok. Can you please let us know if you wanna use our work?


Lol I’m not mad, I understand :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually can’t do this request. I’m bookedd


oh you should take a break and relax


I absolutely agree with @linalilly10! You should definitely relax. Yes, @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE, and @GirlLykAnn, I would love to have your art works in my story! :smile:


Is anyone still wanting to help? lol.
I know I disappeared for awhile, but had some things going on.