Any arrow fans in here?



I need a Arrow obsessed friend to talk to and who loves the DC to universe


Yaaaaasss!!! I just finished the first episode of season 5 of the flash !!! :joy::joy::joy: We should be friends (Though I’m more of a flash fan)


Hahah same! :joy:


Yes we should create a whole group of people who love the DC Universe
What’s your ig?


What’s your ig?




Turns out I already follow you😂


Huh you do? Why


Episode.owlquest here :grin:


I’m madly in love with DC
Pro.Writer here


Yes, are you making a story??


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Because I follow you


I’ll follow you


No I want to know how many people here like the DC Universe too


I love all of them :grin:


Same but Arrow is my favorite tho


Yupp Oliver is Baee


They stopped airing Arrow in German TV last season for whatever reason. :sob: Guess they will not show the new season of Gotham either… But we still have Flash, Supergirl and the Legends.
I equally like Marvel and DC. :sunglasses:
But I do not use instagram.


Olie is my husband in my head :joy: