Any Art Groups Looking For Members?


Hey, hey, hey! My name is Alyssa, and I’m an artist in the Episode Community.

I have my own request thread, but I haven’t been getting many requests, which is giving me time to join some groups!

I am looking for one or two groups to join so I can help out!

Here are some examples, in case you’re wondering what they look like! :wink:

Large Cover Examples

image IMG-3336 1535188464073

Small Cover Examples

1535188551262 IMG-3335 image

Splash Examples

IMG-3334 image IMG-3333

I look forward to working with others. :heart:


Episode World Has just been opened, and so far has no members. If you can help and get more people to join I will forever be grateful. But of course, I’m not forcing you :heart:


Episode harmony is


@Episode_World and @Epy.raven, I’d be happy to join both groups, is there any application?


Yes here it is