Any Art groups willing to have one more member πŸ’ž

Hey everyone
So basically i wanna create my own art group but no one is wanting to join atm so I thought if I could join an art group for a bit to get a taste of what it’s like then that would be amazing :revolving_hearts: I like don’t want to say I’ll be in it forever because like I said I want to create my own art group but I might stay if the group is amazing :revolving_hearts: So if you have an art group that has a place please can u reply on this thread then pm me details because I wanna look around to find the perfect group I fit in :revolving_hearts: @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @WinterMoon05 @stronglcve @ChayChay ???


We at EpisodeStudio would love to have you Ellie!!! You would fit in perfectly

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HI please join

we asked you before and you were in our group already lol

Hi @X_Ellie.Marie_X you would be a perfect member of @EpisodeStudio and we’d love to have you :heart:


Hey @Ryan could you close this thread

are you joining our group cause you were in it