Any Art groups willing to have one more member πŸ’ž


Hey everyone
So basically i wanna create my own art group but no one is wanting to join atm so I thought if I could join an art group for a bit to get a taste of what it’s like then that would be amazing :revolving_hearts: I like don’t want to say I’ll be in it forever because like I said I want to create my own art group but I might stay if the group is amazing :revolving_hearts: So if you have an art group that has a place please can u reply on this thread then pm me details because I wanna look around to find the perfect group I fit in :revolving_hearts: @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @WinterMoon05 @stronglcve @ChayChay ???


We at EpisodeStudio would love to have you Ellie!!! You would fit in perfectly


HI please join


we asked you before and you were in our group already lol


Hi @X_Ellie.Marie_X you would be a perfect member of @EpisodeStudio and we’d love to have you :heart:️


Hey @Ryan could you close this thread


are you joining our group cause you were in it