Any art requests?

Hey! Anyone need a splash? or a cover? :stuck_out_tongue:
Here are some examples of my work so you know what you’re getting back :slight_smile:

Examples :


Fill out this form if you want a splash or a cover :
Background :
Character details (Face, mouth, nose ect.):
Picture size:
Full/waist up ect:
Other info:

COVERS (only doing small)
Character details (Face, mouth, nose ect.) :
Full/waist up ect.:
Author Name:
Other info:

If I forgot something, put it in the other info.
This will take me about 30-50 minutes.
Good day xox <3

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Background :

Character details (Face, mouth, nose ect.):
Outfit: outfit
Pose: idle_terrified_loop
Text: No text
Picture size: any works
Limelight/Ink: Limelight
Full/waist up ect: full
Other info: I would love for it to look similar to your galaxy space edit. Thank you!!! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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okay, thank you!

Good day xox

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okay, finished :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to tell me to change something :smiley:
I hope it’s what you wanted

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It’s amazing! Thank you!

Hi! I’d like to request a splash!
I’d just like it to be a simple “This story contains sound” splash.
If possible could you just put headphones? Thanks!:grin:

Hi i would like to know if the requests are still open? If so i would like a small cover.
Background: white or any if you want?
Face: soft heart
Mouth: classic (Bordeaux)
Body: Toffee
Brows: Seductive arch
Hair: Diva curls (black)
Eyes: upturned luxe (brown)
Nose: soft natural
outfit: yellow croptop with high waisted jeans?
pose ; armscrossed with smirk NOT facing the BOY

Face; defined triangle
Body ;Tan
Mouth: uneven (terracotta)
Brows; thin
Hair; Generic short (black)
eyes:classic round (brown)
nose; Button
outfit: anything casual with black shoes

Style: Ink
Author Name: Erica
Story name: Her Crush
Full body pls!

The boys pose would be the same but facing away from the girl

Hi, I was just wondering if my splash was being worked on? I don’t mean to rush, but it’s been almost a month…

Sorry, this thread is closed. >.<