Any Art Shops do good custom poses? *ink*

Hey guys ! :chef:

For my story Not Your Damsels literally like everyoneee in the story has powers so i would need lotsss of custom poses for the moments when people use there powers :joy:

If anyone knows any art shops that do good custom poses for ink, or if anyone would be willing to be my personal custom poses editor, that would be greatly appreciated !!

i just don’t want to pile on a tonnnn of work on one person, so if you did want to be my personal custom pose editor i would need a lot of poses done :joy: :kissing:

thank uu all, love you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

example? :stuck_out_tongue:

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wym? like examples of the custom poses that i want?

hey, u mean u needed a personal custom poses (ink) editor? idk if u still needed someone for it, coz i see this thread was a long time ago… but pls let me know if u still need some! :hugs: & here’s my art shop if you’re interested!