Any Art Shops hiring Artists?

Hey guys!

I’m looking for some art shops that might be hiring, i would love to join some ! as most of uu know, none of these pieces are finished yet, because i don’t have my phone, but n e wayssss, if any art shops are hiring, here’s my work !

- cartoon art

- ink

- realistic

i haven’t finished the hands or hair for realistic, so i apologize, but yea if any art shops are interested pls comment down below !

thank uu all, love uu ! :blob_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi there! I’ve got an art shop, it’s called 💙 Jade's Art Shop 💙 (Limelight - OPEN). If you want to join, you can! Just PM me what you would like to do, then we can discuss other things, if you’re interested. :kissing_heart: :blue_heart:

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bump !
Fill this if u want to join mine …I actually didn’t start the shop yet… Its not like another every body has equal rights over the shop. If u fill this I will send u a message.

if your still looking to join u can join mine :blob_hearts:

:blush: Sweet Songs Hiring Form! (Hiring for art shop Open!) :blush: