Any artist that can help with a story cover?



Any good artists about that could help out with a story cover design? New to all this and in the making of my first ever story. Much appreciated xox


I can help :grin:


Thank you. Do I message you or tell you on here what I’d like? Sorry new to this so don’t have a clue


If @Teahwalker can’t do it or you don’t choose it. I’m glad to help :grin:


Thank you I’m only wanting Rebellious put on a fancy background with by Alex Dibb on it x


You don’t want characters on the cover or somethin else? fancy background like? dangerous? mysterios? coloured? :slight_smile:


Here are some examples of the covers I’ve done until now :3


They’re amazing its going to be like a dangerous drama with a love triangle between two brothers basically… she use to be just an average girl until she went through so tough patches and then turns into a rebel. How do I upload the characters so you know. Or could I just give you a description of them x


Go to characters and click on the image it shoes you with the right button of your computer/ laptop put copy, come back here and in reply put paste… yo got it?
Also any specific animations? :sweat_smile:


I’m with @NattyGomez


I don’t know why it’s in spanish lol




Like guns ant stuff or?


Sorry got late here where I am and fell asleep. These are the main characters.


I was thinking maybe this angel and devil could be at either side of the girl main character.

I’m not entirely sure though, would be great for your opinion.


It sounds amazing, sorry i answered… i love making covers so i just think its an incredible idea


I’ve made a cover to your story for fun xD


Could I see please if you don’t mind? x




1 sec