Any artist that can help with a story cover?

Glad you found a cover! <3

I was working on it lol. But your work is amazing! thanks for the help i guess? hahha lol

You did it wayy better :grin::smile::hugs:

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I’m sure urs was going great too

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:smiley: Waiit, you think im better… im sure yours was fantastic :smiley:

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@Adibb26 Im so sorry, it takes so long with to chapter splashes, but im nearly finished and i will send them tomorrow :smiley:

Hey @Epyxcillerie leCreate
If you need help you can come to me :smiley:

Thx, but i think i can do it :smiley:

Ok can I ask more banners from you plz

Later im at my friends

Oh sorry for disturbing

Thats fine :smiley:

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glad for at høre det


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@Adibb26 The_Art_Sisters can help you!

Sorry, i took a week or two, but im finally done, im going to send them now’

I got them all i just wanted to know if this is ok?