Any artists doing free covers?

I’m looking for some free artwork for my new FT story.
My plotline is:

Spin off of tangled

MC - rapunzel
LI - prince/ess or servant
‘MOTHER’ - death from the child for whom death stood godmother
MOTHER - queen
FATHER - king

Rapunzel locked in hut in jungle
Prince/ess ashton walks along, meets rapunzel
Falls out with ‘mother’
Discovers who is
Banishes her from country
Lives in country
Meets servant angel disguised as prince (like cinderella)
Choose LI
Has twins - hansel and gretel
Tries find parents
Asks different fairy tales about them
Finds them
Children get tempted by gingerbread house

I don’t really know what kind of arrangement of the characters.
ext. jungle bunker - night is the background I’m hoping to get with a few candles in the background too.

I’m hoping to get the cover in a few weeks.

Thank you in advance! :smile: :kissing_heart:

Free - limelight - drawn please

Hey sweetheart
So congrats for your story
I suggest you this ART SHOP

You will find amazing artist for free here

And you can also check this Instagram group called EPISODE COSMOS
they provide a variety of services