Any Artists open for commission? I need a Cover

Hey I need a cover for my story Queen of The Mafia. If you are an Artist or know an Artist that is up to take requests, please reply to this or dm me on Instagram @bree.episode.stories

I’m not an artist, but I’d recommend checking out some commission shops.

Ok thanks!!

Check out ZamiraArts of Instagram and natalie.daises

I’ll just tag some commission artists I have seen around.
@ZamiraArts @anon6748744
Yeah… I don’t buy commissions so I don’t know a lot of people. But I hoped this helped!

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@back.stain is an exceptional artist who has open commissions

Thank you!! I’ll check them out

Thank you so much!! I’ll check her out

Thank you!! I’ll have to email them

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Hi my commissions are open. My IG is @mystery.artistz. check below link for more sample work + detail close ups and email if interested


Total price is negotiable + additional character discounts are also available.


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I’ll check you out!!

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I can do some cover art, just message me on @eebaa.episode on instagram

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Can do some art in low price. Dm me on Instagram @mk.digitalillustrator for more info