Any artists out there have commissions open?

I’m looking for an artist to commission some art scenes for my story!

I will credit you, of course.

Just pop down your details, prices and art examples below and I will contact you if I am interested.

Thank you!

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Hi @fluffyrice

I’m a digital commission artist.I’ll attach two of my latest works and my commission thread with more samples for you to look forward.Send me an email if you seem interested.

Commission Open

Ye my commissions are open! Just pm me if you’re interested :slight_smile:


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Here are some great artists :blush::

The Hershey Official Art Shop chocolate_bar {OPEN}

@CelestialMoon zkksks

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Do you have a commission price info? :slight_smile:

You can pm me if you‘d like and tell me what you want to commission and I can tell you a price and the duration of the process :blush:

Prices that can be adjusted

My style


Close to episode


If u still need one hehe