Any artists that can make me a cover?

I’m desperate need of a cover I was hoping that someone could help me out and make me one


I can. What do you need?

what kind of details do you need to know?

What you want for you cover.

well i want the two main characters on it
it really doesnt matter what the back ground is behind them

Okay what do the man characters look like?

They look like this

Okay and do you have any idea what you want the, to be doing like a pose of something?

yeah I would like them to be like hugging or something if you could do that if you can’t then thats okay

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hey there’s a group called

The Coven Art Group

that I recommend. :slight_smile:

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Yep I can try!

Okay thanks!

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, please go here:

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Thanks girl! But It’s all good I’ve taken the request.

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Oh no problem then!

Hey do you have a title in mind?

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Here you go…

Can you put the title on it the title is his invisible mate

Okay I have a red and a blue title so just choose the one you want.
image image

I like the red one thanks so much for doing this for me

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