Any Artists Who Make Free Art Scenes?

Hey everyone! I’m currently writing a story and realized that I needed art scenes. I’d like a more realistic style than a normal Episode edit like art scene. Reply to this or PM me if you’d like to help me out, I would really appreciate it!


I think I can

Episode Wonder might be able to help!

Ok I’ll be off then

Could I have some examples?

No, it’s okay, you responded first, but she should probably choose who she likes best. :purple_heart:

Episode Bliss is a very trusty and reliable art group!


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Sure ok

Ooh those look really nice

Here’s our thread link to request if your interested.

Here are our examples!


image image

Thank you!

Idk if you still need art but if you do we would love to help;)

It says that simple art scenes are coming soon, so would I have to wait to request one?

Welp since you chose already I guess I’ll go. Bye! :wave:

Oh no lol lemme update that