Any artists who wouldn't mind making a couple of free art scenes for my upcoming limelight story?

What I’m looking for is someone who can make me a couple art scenes for my upcoming story that’s in limelight. I know there are a lot of art shops i can request from but I’d rather not bombard them with requests and I’d also prefer for them to be the same style and from just one artist. Just keep in mind that i can’t commission one since I’m still only a student in high school and i don’t work so I’m not really able to do that. So i guess what I’m looking for is a kind of personal artist.

So if you can could you please help me or if you know of someone could you pretty please recommend them to me? I’d be so so grateful if you did :blush:



I’d love to make them for you but if you already have someone doing them that’s okay and all.
However if your still in need of someone feel free to pm me and ill send you some examples :grin:

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