Any Artsy people

I really want one of those cool cover photos that I see on a lot of the episodes.
I suck with doing these on the computer. More or less I dont have the proper tools to make one.
Does anyone know how to make these? : )


A splash?

one sec, something like this?

Maybe lmao. Problem is, I had to creat a new profile to get onto the forum, because I couldn’t get on to my actual profile

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Like that? I made that btw :heart:


My goodness yes! Thats beautiful btw!


Problem is, I want it for my new story that I’m about to release.


I can make one for youu

I can also.

Kayy… there be 3 ppl who want to do it

Heck I’ll take all of them. Plus I’ll read some stories in return, and use all three! I have three different stories. The ones I really want one for is The beatdown and roommates double trouble.
I’m not sure how to add a link for my stories. I have covers for them as examples, of something I would like, but they suck. My profile is Jesss.T.Episode. I would appreciate it, I really enjoy reading and writing stories

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Sorry guys I ran out of replies yesterday

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I can make another if you want more options?:grin:

Would absolutely love it! I’ll make you a character if ya’ll want:)

It’s ok I don’t need a character I would love it if you check out my story DD: Rock Your Socks Off.

Absolutely! Could you find my story I was talking about lol. I suck with this stuff

I will check tommorow

Reading first chapt now !

You what inspiration do you have?

Lol what do you mean? I love reading new stories. And I love the intro to your first chapter the backgrounds are cool.