Any Artsy people


Thank you! I gtg


Hey what would you like on your cover?


Can you give a small description? :heart:


Boxing gloves and my characters. I have screen shots.


Of course! My story is about a foster girl trying to find he permanent place in the world. Some where she can call home. In between that she’s competing in illegal boxing tournaments, to help provide for herself in the future. She plays for the guys soccer team at her new school. She falls in love with the captain of the soccer team. Only to have him break her heart, even though the choices he made was to protect her. You guys can put your names in the covers if you’d like, i’ll still mention you in the story as well to credit you!


What is the title of the story?


The Beatdown


thank you!




I hope this works!

For one of the covers the other one will be don on saturday



OMG I love it! That is super cool! Thank you credit at the end after epi approves it!


I’m glad you like it!:grinning:


I already set it as my cover!. Waiting for approval! Thank you so much!!! :smiley: :heart:


This isn’t realivent but I like the idea of having the Mc a foster child. And this is very random but maybe put flashbacks or say this isn’t based on reality to offend anybody. I really need to shut up I just love the idea so damn much! I’ll go home.


Me too :grin: