Any Available Artist

Hi is anyone available to make me a new better profile picture for both here and on my Episode Instagram page? If so, that’ll be great and I’ll sent you the female details.

Thank you!

Do you want an ink or LimeLight pfp?because I only do ink.:sweat_smile:

Just ink. Are there any example?

I can do it for you if you request it on my thread!

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Thanks. I’ll definitely be sure to check it out once I see @Turtle_Cat example


Here are my pfp examples :grin::



@meadowh I’ll choose @Turtle_Cat. Although thank you!

And @Turtle_Cat I’ll pm you the details. If that’s okay? And thanks as well.

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Go ahead! Thanks for giving me a chance!

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can either of you please close this. Thank you!

And if anyone see this and available to make me a profile cover which I’m still in need one, please pm me… Since the current ones didn’t meet my standards of what I wanted.

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You got it!

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