Any available proofreaders?

Okay, so I’m looking for proofreaders as my grammar really sucks.

  • I’m looking for long term proofreaders. Basically someone who’s going to be proofreading my story for the foreseeable future.

  • If you are fluent with a handful of languages (e.g. German, Italian, etc…), I’ll give you priority!
    But if you don’t, it’s fine. I need all the help I could get.

  • I’m looking for 2 proofreaders at the moment.

  • You may check out my work so that you know what kind of story you will be expecting from me: Ghost Project: Rogue-7

  • If you have a story you need help with, I could exchange my help for your proofreads.
    I’m open to gem trades too. But we’ll have to negotiate the price beforehand.

  • Please do DM me on forums or leave a message down here to let me know that you’re interested!
    If you wish to talk through IG, here’s my handle: @nova.t_35sa


She had a topic for proofreading I think, or am I wrong?


@IEatBabies does proofreading!

@paigegray has a proofreading thread!

@biancahail gives honest opinions!

@KanaMoon does proofreading, you just have to give her 5 gems per chapter!

@Lou.epsd also does proofreading for free!

@saray.episode also does proofreading!


Thank you for mentioning yes I do proofreading


i proof read. :slight_smile:


hey there! I’ve proofread over 50 episode stories so I’m very experienced in this area. I’d love to proofread for you and work with you on a long term basis!
I will read through your text and correct any spelling and grammatical errors. I also fix sentence structure when required and give constructive criticism.
I’m fluent in both American and British English so I can work with anything.
Feel free to contact me (PM) if you want me to proofread your story :revolving_hearts:
I do charge a very minimal fee which can be negotiated too, thank you :relaxed:


Your username is so interesting.


it’s only the truth


Heyy I can proofread your story and can do it for long time <3
My insta: haven.arts_

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