Any Available Reviewers?

Hi guys! So sorry if this seems annoying!
I am a new episode author working on my first real story!
I would love to get some HONEST reviews from people ! (don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings! lol.)
If anyone is interested that would be great !

Story Title Break Away

Author Giana

Plot Twins Blythe and Braxton have only ever had each other, until Holden and Collin came along. What happens when one twin wants to follow the path of love, desire, and destruction?

Style INK

Episodes 5 (six is being worked on at the moment!)

Genre Romance (It could also be a drama, I am having a hard time debating on where it should actually go.)

Cover art


Like I said, I’m new so I would love any and all help! Since so many of you on here are such advanced writers!

Thanks :heartbeat:

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I am availible!


I can read this


I loved it! The story plot was amazing, and your sense of humor is awsome. You derserve many things!

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yea id be happy to review it


Thank you so much!!! if you want to leave your review right on this thread, or you can PM me whenever you are ready I would appreciate it!!

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Thank you so much! I would love to know what everyone thinks!! Whenever you are ready to leave your review please feel free to do so :slight_smile:

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REALLY?! Yay thank you so much! This is my first actual story that I feel like I have gotten most of the directing down! I never knew how hard this really was until I did it! But I really appreciate it!!

I would be happy to review your story if you could send me the friend link for it so I don’t have to use my passes. :heart:


Where do I find the friend link ?! I didnt know there was such a thing !

Sorry forget I said that, It was available back in the old days of episode but I think they have removed that feature now. Haven’t read a lot for a while since I’ve had to study so I think I missed a few updates.

Okay ! That sucks though that would of been awesome!

I’ll have an experiment to see if they have just hidden it away somewhere but it would be epic to have it back again

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Ok so I actually really like your story, I’ve been struggling to find a good match to me and I think I did. So be proud, your stories really good. If I could give a piece of feedback it would to refer to the readers less. I get where it’s coming from but I just think it’s better if it’s just the characters and no “audience’. Anyway great story ideas. :laughing:

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Omggg the ending of episode 5! awww I want to readdd moreee :+1:

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Ah, thank you so so much !!! I know ! I went back and forth on mentioning the audience or not ! I have read stories that do and stories that don’t and I’ve obviously loved both ! I’m thrilled to hear that you liked it ! I am actually just waiting for a background to be reviewed and then episode 6 will be out !

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