Any commission artist who is doing give aways pls tell

Hi actually I want a art cover but semi realistic one … if any artist doing give aways pls tell thanks… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am terrible at drawing but I can recommend some people. :blush::heartpulse:
@BB.Baby @KylieJay @Tesbie28 (sorry if u didn’t want to be tagged)
I hope I helped! :heartpulse:


sorry but I am not holding any giveaway at the moment!

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Thank you for tagging me @Chloe.episode123 ! :heartbeat: Unfortunately my last giveaway just ended so it’ll be a little bit before I do another one :relaxed:


I am Digital artist open for art commissions sample art contact me on Instagram @artmystic81

U can check out this Giveaway!! :blush:

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Hi i make art covers,buy I take commission, you can check my artstyle- Login • Instagram

This is an example of the type of art that I create if you are interested in a cover like this visit my store

Actually I want that commission artist who is doing give aways

Hi! I currently have a giveaway on my Instagram (it ends on 15th of October), where you can win lots of prizes!! You can win art and edits :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Anyone is free to join, you just have to follow the rules, check out my Instagram for more info
my instagram: @sofiab.epi