Any covers needed? *Not drawings as I cannot draw for the life of me*

Hey guys, I’ve noticed quite a few people asking for covers, i can make some if you’re interested? Please drop me a message if you’re interested and would like me to create you one, please see below for examples. I can’t take credit for the drawings of the people, as someone off of instagram did these for me, but i can create the rest.


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Can I request a cover

Can I request a drawn cover? They’re really good! :grin:

Of course drop me a message x

you need the characters details right?
sorry but I’m still new

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Hey, sorry i didn’t actually draw the people (i forgot to add that in) but if you send me your characters on a plain background in the positions you want them in, i can create them. Sorry hun! X

And do you need credit

Never mind

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Hey, I’ve just send you a message. No credit is necessary x

Who did?

Renecarano on instagram :blush:

Do they have a forum account?
(I still don’t have IG :cry:)

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Unfortunately not no, he’s not a part of Episode, i just came across his art. Sorry x