*+Any creative story ideas? +*

I’m going to be making a new story and I kind of want to do it about just some friends and I will definitely add conflict. I don’t need anything too specific, just a general concept of what it will be about. Any ideas?


I have one!

Oh, I’d love to hear it!

Great! You could do a story where a normal girl finds out there a witch, and the last of her kind! And her great grandmother gives her a cat (fameler) to guide her! But is there more to the magical cat half human, then what he appears?

Hm, that’s interesting but I was hoping for something more along the lines of just basic drama, nothing to fantasy, ya know?

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Oh, okay. :sweat_smile:

You could do a girl or boy who becomes rich all of sudden by winning the lottery, but then someone close to the MC, trys to take there winnings. But with more drama. Kind of like a murder mystery.

Personally, I think it might be a good idea if you check out some story prompt websites. Like, it’s great to get prompts, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to ask someone to make a plot for you. Then is it really your story?

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I see what you mean. Although, I was mostly asking for a general idea but not a storyline.

In which case, story prompt websites are great! I mean, how detailed do you need the idea to be?

Try getting a basic structure for your story. You can get inspiration from reading other stories or from watching shows. I feel like when you can get a basic idea about the conflict and plot, that will help encourage all the smaller details. I can help you build up the idea once you know what direction your heading (murder mystery, joining a new school, etc.) :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh okay, I will look for a prompt. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m thinking a comedy/drama type thing involving love options but I’m NOT going to add a bad boy since that’s super generic lol.


This is what I got and it’s hilarious (but I was messing around)

Tommy Snozcumber is a grubby, sexy and intelligent housekeeper from the city. His life is going nowhere until he meets Hannah Smith, a weak, muscular woman with a passion for making birthday cards.

Tommy takes an instant disliking to Hannah and the stingy and clumsy ways she learnt during her years in Ireland.

However, when a tiger tries to vandalise Tommy, Hannah springs to the rescue. Tommy begins to notices that Hannah is actually rather understanding at heart.

But, the pressures of Hannah’s job as a doctor leave her blind to Tommy’s affections and Tommy takes up stamp collecting to try an distract herself.

Finally, when spiteful detective, Helen Kowalski, threatens to come between them, Hannah has to act fast. But will they ever find the splendid love that they deserve?

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A weak, muscular woman?? Lol, how does that make any sense :joy:


Group of friends…
How about they’re entering their freshman year of college with different majors… but the different crowds and majors and lifestyles gradually makes them grow apart and lose their friendships.

I random generated the words :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe like a group of friends are invited to participate in a game show or they win a trip to go on a cruise or something. Maybe they meet a group of other girls they used to know in middle school and they begin to tear apart the friends somehow (idk, don’t make it a super stereotypical mean girl plot, lol) Then you can present the love interest options?

Just throwing in random ideas! :joy:

I actually think thats a really good idea. I’ll seriously consider it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah I really like the conflict of the friends being torn apart, but do you think that would be able to go with a whole series or just small conflict?