Any drama/comedy story ideas? x

i started writing a story but of course i am now bored of it.

okay so i would like to write a typical american high school story thing yano with prom and cheerleaders and shit but idk what the actual main plot would be.

like i’m not bothered if it is a little cliche coz i feel like it’s easily fixable and can be enjoyed if done right yano but not like that mafia high school crime shit

it doesn’t have to be a high school story just anything that is like drama filled

so yeh any ideas?

I could write a story about a murder in high school

ooo like some pg 13 reasons why shit? obvs with not all that bad stuff that happens in it but like secrets come out? okay okayyy i’m excited now to plan thanks girlie xx

You could make it into like a thriller, where the mc is in love but later it grows into obsession. I like stories like that, keeps you on the edge of your sear.

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ooo i also like that idea like she’ll do anything to keep he/she from leaving her

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