Any editors with requests open for a cover for my new story? ❤


I currently have a new idea for a new potential story and it’s about a Teenage Witch who gets kicked out of the Academy LOL

Some interesting things that could ~inspire~ you, if you’re willing to do a cover for me is that she’s specifically a “Lust Witch” which means she can manipulate people through seduction and her eyes change purple, and when she feels STRONG emotions passion, anger, whatever her eyes turn Dark Red.

So basically, at the “Academy” there’s different types of witches who have different abilities and they’re all training and learning to be the best witches and warlocks out there.

And basically, the MC, Stella Adams, is used to always getting things go her way. Then, one day she
gets kicked out of the Academy at some point and is forced to go into “mortal” high school and has to learn to how to act like a normal teenager OR not get caught using her abilities to get her way.

It’s inspired by Sabrina the Teenage Witch and a little bit of Harry Potter! But, it probably wouldn’t be a SUUUUPER serious fantasy story because I honestly don’t know if I’m capable of writing that so it would probably have more comedic elements to it!

I didn’t want to write too many details about it since it’s still currently a work in progress, but I do have an idea for a cover!

So, if you’re interested or know someone who has their edit requests open for covers pleaseeeee let me know :slight_smile:

my instagram is @episode_ariel if that’s easier to communicate also!

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Hi! I have an art thread if you are interested, just be aware that there is a waiting list


Okay, I’ll check it out right now! Thank you :slight_smile: