Any emotional stories which made you cry?

Except HAPPILY NEVER AFTER and A DIFFERENT PATH i read them both twice… I recommend them

But yah, recommend me some!


Dare to Dream by Sarah Robbins really did the trick for me… she was able to, well, do something that I can’t even explain. I definitely recommend this story!


Lovestruck which was a really old Original story, I cried near the end.
I also cried a bit during I Need A Therapist’s most recent update (the author is Clem).
Asunder by Alysia and He Can’t Tame Me by Meila are quite touching too.
I’ve heard Bubblegum by Sarah Dove made a lot of people cry as well.



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Ok tysm!

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I imagine u’ve read it bc most have but if u haven’t already ‘Jaded Love’ will defo make u cry, a lot.


Music From His Heart by Beeble Hope

Sure, what do you want help with?

Love me to the bitter end BY Midnight Blue
It made me cry as f :sob::sneezing_face::blush:

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Stolen Moments by Indigo :sleepy:

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I want to write a story and I am new in this. I don’t know any coding so can u help me with this. It’s an romantic and action story.

‘goodbye mate’ make me cry its an amazing story make us emotional and also fantasy type

Glitch Girl by @JosephEvans …idk why but I was sad the MC didn’t end up with the boy she loved :pleading_face: :sneezing_face:

I love myself a good emotional story! Here are my favorites:

  • Speak by J. Miley
  • Iridescent by Indigo
  • Watch Me Fly by Christina Marie
  • Scorned by Amber J
  • Making Lemonade by Jorimar
  • Dare to Dream by Sarah Robbins
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Maybe you can try mine,
It’s called The Heir, if you would read it, I appreciate every feedback, thanks!!

The Shaw brothers

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