Any Episode Ideas to write my Episode Story ? (DESCRIPTION OF STORY IDEA)

Hello, I’m tryna write a story but I have no idea what I should write about ! I would be just wonderful if you would comment a description of a story idea. Ill pick my favorite one and ill make a story out of it, ill give you all credit. So if you are comfortable for me to use your idea, comment one please!!

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Hello :blush: I’m actually having the same problem* lol! What are you mostly interested in? Romance, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy, Action/adventure , Or Thriller/Horror ? I can try to give you an idea lol

any Genre is fine with me :slight_smile:

Oh okay :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I’m writing a romance story about a girl named Kailey , who falls in love with her older brother’s best friend but she keeps it a secret because she knows her brother would be really mad because he’s much older then her lol. Maybe you can write a story about a girl falling for an older boy or something lol. It’s probably a stupid idea :joy: im still having trouble tryna figure out how my whole story is gonna go lol.

I actually really like that idea. THANKSS

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You’re welcome! :relaxed: I’m glad you like it!

Would you be interested in being in an episode interactive story team ?

yeah ! I would be !

Awesome ! @samia.epi is looking for 5 people who are interested

Can i join?