Any Episode Stories You Created A Made Up Cast For?

Hey friends! This is a strange questions but are there any episode stories you created a made up a cast for? Example, for me I created a made up cast for SO MANY episodes stories. What? I like to think of myself as a really creative person. Anyway, the stories that I’ve made a cast for include:

  • Adrenaline by Evil Ebboni,
  • The Curse Of Charlie by Sarah Keiser,
  • Scares by Ashley Youtsy,
  • Meet you at home by Wynter Sapphire (same star as Adrenaline),
  • It’s just an Illusion by Miss MJ,

and there are probably more. Let me know if you have done the same or/and if you want to hear my cast lists for any of these stories.

Do you think I’m the only one who does this? :woman_shrugging: Also, you don’t have to reply if you do this you can just tell me if you want to see the cast I created for these stories.

What is a made up cast?

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Like in a tv show where there is a cast of the actors. It’s like if these episode stories were real life tv shows and I created actors for the shows. I even made interviews in my mind of the cast too. Hope that explains it.

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Oh, and btw that was my old account. Don’t think it’s still on though.