Any fantasy art creators out there who can help me?


For my story i need some artwork, I need the background to be of a note with a picture of something between the the first picture(female) and the grim reaper. So something like a beautiful female grim reaper, preferably with wings and the hood/cape of the usual reaper. in black and white tones or very dark colours. something like the first picture without the wand, blu or purple lights.
The picture of the reaper is how i want it on the background, like it is floating in the bottom half of the picture and also an overlay of the paper folded in 2 so it can lay on a desk without people seeing what it is right away

The purpose of the letter is to notify the person that he/she is next on the list.

*The pictures is borrowed from google as insipration, *

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Sounds interesting :eyes:
DM me I like this challenge